It is a fantastic book. I am usually not partial to horror novels, but I Am Legend succeeds because (at least from what I’ve read so far) there is no gratuitous violence. I had to stop two months ago because… well, let me explain it with gifs…

I was reading along minding my own business…

When I come across this passage: “It happened on the third morning, when he stumbled out onto the porch to see if the world was still there.” No big deal.

Next paragraph: “There was a dog roving about on the lawn.”

I freaked out, and I shit you not I threw the book as far away from me as possible.

Because the internet exists, I already know that the dog dies after getting attacked by the monsters, but I haven’t the heart to read it. I hate animal violence however fictional it might be, but I still desperately want to read the book. I’ll probably suck it up and read through it anyway, but I hope people can understand my grief.

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